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For the last 8 years, detective Jack Conway has been overworked in this crime-infested city, taking on all sorts of cases and putting people behind bars. His latest task is to show his new rookie partner, Salvatore Lucio, the ropes in these two unique cases!

In this 80s themed, murder-mystery game on the HTC Vive, you can explore the crime scene, pick up objects and interact with them as well as interact with NPCs. Once you've collected all the evidence, you can move onto the interrogation phase and interrogate the suspect by piecing together the evidence that you found to contradict what the suspect is saying!

Put your detective skills to the test by keeping your eyes peeled for the tiniest piece of evidence. You'll also need to pay attention to what the suspect is saying. With your journal, you can keep track of all the evidence you found and can look back on it when interrogating the suspect.


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CAnt interact with anything, therefore there is no game. 0/10

This game looked really well made and fun, however even after examining all the evidence in the prologue and talking to everyone I was unable to leave, I tried literally every possible combination of using evidence and talking to everyone and nothing worked. I even watched the YouTube walk through which helped with nothing. Not to mention every time I picked up an object it shook like crazy which never happens in any other game so I know it must not be my Vive. Overall had a horrible game experience and it felt like I was doing chores or working just to try and find a solution to THE TUTORIAL.

Hi ETank117,

We're sorry to hear about this negative experience. We were a team of students making this game and haven't updated it in over two years. Did you try going to the car and interacting with the button on it to leave? It will only allow you to leave if you've found all the evidence. Maybe there was more there!

As for the objects shaking, because we haven't touched the game in over two years, there could be an issue with our game working with old firmware and updates could have changed something. If that's the case, we're very sorry!

Thank you for playing!

Nice game


Nice game!! :D

Glad you enjoyed it!